About Fairtrade India

The Fairtrade movement has a long history in India. In the beginning, Indian producers worked with the global Fairtrade System to access international markets on better terms of trade.

Fairtrade India was launched to expand the Fairtrade Movement in India - to cover citizens, organisations and businesses. It is now working towards building a responsible consumer and business movement in the country.

We ensure that farmers and workers behind our consumption choices food and fashion are treated fairly and the environment is cared for.

Fairtrade India creates awareness about sustainability and Sustainable Consumption and Production and also works with businesses to create sustainable supply chains.

Market linkages

Leading businesses across the world and as well as many businesses in India are choosing to partner with Fairtrade to fulfil their sustainable sourcing commitments for raw material ranging from Cocoa to Sugar, from Peanuts to Cotton and hundreds of other Fairtrade certified products.

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