Creating a future of
fairness and equality

Where the youth are made socially aware and work
together to build a sustainable tomorrow.

When the Fairtrade movement is introduced to the youth, they get an opportunity to understand how trade works and how they can work together to make it fairer. It builds an understanding of sustainable businesses and how that in turn can build a more equitable world. Young people can take the awareness of Fairtrade to their communities and look at small simple steps that allow them to take actions towards sustainable development goals.

We see a Fairtrade Campus as a centre of creating a sustainable society, fueled by student changemakers like you. Professors, students and their peers are at the forefront of creating a Fairtrade Campus, which aims to integrate sustainability principles. As part of the programme, you can become a Fairtrade campus by promoting the Fairtrade movement's principles and creating awareness among students and the entire campus community about issues of gender justice, social equality and environmental conservation.

The Fairtrade Campus Program recognises colleges, universities, and higher education institutions that have included ethical and sustainable practices in their teaching, campus activities, purchasing and research.


Fairtrade raises awareness about sustainable consumption to promote sustainable living and encourages decision-makers in the food and fashion industry to commit to fairer terms of trade. Fairtrade works with businesses and connects them to farming communities. Fairtrade standards ensure these businesses redefine conventional trade and commit to making the process more responsible, ethical and sustainable.

Together with partners, Fairtrade sets rigorous standards for production, trade and sustainability on plantations, farms and factories across the world. These standards are independently monitored to guarantee that the farmers’ products meet international criteria for ethical trade.

All college students who wish to make a difference and grow the Fairtrade movement on their campus are invited to participate. Become a Fairtrade Campus by bringing the Fairtrade movement to your campus.

Apart from being the centres of knowledge and learning - universities, colleges and educational institutions have a rich heritage of being instigators of change and social innovation, for both communities and the marketplace.

The Fairtrade Campus programme purpose is to align these values of Indian Universities, colleges and higher educational institutions with those of Fairtrade to bring about a cohesive change and sustainability in our society.

Learn and get a practical connection with how sustainability is being worked upon by the food, fashion, cosmetics and other FMCG industries.

What it involves

To create a Fairtrade Campus all it needs is a group of similarly-motivated students who are passionate about social change. It entails educating students on Fairtrade practices in order to create a more equal and fair future. It raises awareness about the significance of being a responsible consumer, and it is later recognised for its continued commitment.


Step 1

Build Your
Sustainability Team

One of the first things you should do is put together a strong and diverse team. The sustainability team is essentially the steering committee that plans and actions projects that will convert a university campus into a hub of sustainability, a space one that inspires the community to be more mindful and conscious of the power of their choices and itsit’s impact on people and the planet.

Step 2

Strengthen Sustainability
in Your Campus

The Steering Committee will place a strong emphasis on public participation and education. Fairtrade Campuses must educate their students on what "Fairtrade" means and what the Movement stands for.

Step 3

Campaign for

A Fairtrade Campus will participate in at least two campaigns (Fashion Revolution and Fairtrade Week Campaign) in the programme year or organise their own Fairtrade campaigns (offline/online).

Step 4

Switch to Responsible
Consumption and Production

Fairtrade India is trying to create a responsible consumer and business movement in India that assures that the farmers and employees who produce our consumption choices are not exploited and treated fairly and that the environment is protected.

Step 5

Get Recognised and
Celebrate Fairtrade

Organise an annual Fairtrade celebration to commemorate the campus's classification as a Fairtrade Campus. Campuses can also utilise the renewal process to reflect on past systematic successes, assess challenges, and make strategies for the coming year.

Step 6

Post Designation
Plan For Renewal

The Fairtrade Campus must submit an annual renewal, which provides campuses with an opportunity to reflect on past systematic successes, review challenges, and plans for the coming year.

Case Studies

Lavonne Academy invited students from Vidyashilp Academy to their campus to exchange information on Fairtrade and for students to learn about Fairtrade ingredient use in baking.

Pondicherry University students participate in Fashion Revolution week capaign for sustainable fashion

Sports Club of Pondicherry organises a football match with Fairtrade Football for the annual Fairtrade Week campaign

Department of Public Health, Amity University conducts an awareness activity during the Fairtrade Week campaign

Department of Public Health, Amity University: Organised a Webinar on ‘Role of Fairtrade in achieving Sustainable Development Goals' on Dec 11, 2020, in collaboration with Fairtrade India


Fairtrade Universities organise several awareness and engagement activities for their Fashion & Design Colleges and Institutions, Business Schools and Institutions, Humanities Colleges and Institutions and Hotel Management Colleges and Institutions.

Fashion & Design Colleges and Institutions

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Business Schools and Institutions

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Humanities Colleges and Institutions

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Hotel Management Colleges and Institutions

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