Building a sustainable future

The youth are the pillars of change for a
fairer tomorrow.

Students can make a real difference in the global
campaign for a fairer world.

Schools Programme

With the Fairtrade India’s School Programme, young people have the opportunity to discover how their choices - as individuals and as a collective - can make a difference in the lives of millions of farmers and workers who make and grow our food and to the planet that we all share.

The schools programme aims to inculcate Fairtrade values in the lives of young students to develop conscious mindsets in the youth of the country as global citizens. It also aims to responsibly address problems of mass global consumerism, climate change, poverty, food waste, and farmers and workers disadvantaged by unfair global trade structures that we need to urgently address.

The school programme enables teachers to enhance the curriculum with age-appropriate learning, carefully curated lesson plans and extra-curricular school activities, while students will understand the inherent issues in our food, fashion and trade systems and Fairtrade's role in making the system fairer, greener, more transparent and accountable.


In the first stage, we take our learners from sensitization to awareness. They are educated about the Fairtrade movement and are encouraged to.set up mechanisms to help the school community adopt a Fairtrade approach.


The next stage takes the students’ focus on building skills to participate and create a sustainable environment. They begin by taking small but significant steps in engaging further with and understanding Fairtrade.


The final stage aims to prepare the learners to imbibe sustainability in their consumption and lifestyle choices, as well as to share their vision with the larger community outside of the school to encourage systematic change.

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